Fully certified Commercial and Residential inspections.

Howson Inspections is a privately owned inspection company. We offer a thorough inspection of a real estate property which helps you to understand the conditions of the property, before making a final decision.


We understand that you as the home owner or buyer are going to make a large investment. We want the final decisions to be based upon all available facts as to any significant defects in the property being considered.


A correctly done commercial inspection is extremely important. When buying, selling, leasing or upkeeping a commercial building any unwanted surprises can be very costly.

This is why we recommend you always use a certified CREIA inspector like Howson Inspections for any commercial inspection.


Redoing the plumbing of a house or commercial building can be a very expensive project adding up to tens of thousands of dollars.

There are many things to know about the plumbing of a building and its state that will tell you when further work is going to be needed and how expensive it will be.

Our inspection service includes inspecting the plumbing of the house or building so you know exactly what you are walking into.


Knowing the current state of the electrical system of a house or building is a very important factor in deciding to purchase a property. Faulty electrical systems can not only be an inconvenience, but also a fire hazard.

Part of our inspection service includes checking the state of the electrical system. We will tell you if it’s safe, if it needs upgrades and what to expect in repair costs if it does.

This allows you to make an educated decision on purchasing any house or building.


Our inspections are tailor made for your needs.

Building or houses Inspections may have different purposes, so we cater to any deeds you may have.

Each inspection is always done with your safety in mind, the main questions answered by the Inspector are as follows:

  1. What is the general condition of the roof?
  2. What is the general condition of the foundation and the structure?
  3. Does the plumbing need upgrading or repairs?
  1. What is the general condition of the electrical system and does it need upgrading in order to make it safe and adequate for your use?
  2. What is the general condition of the Heating and Air-conditioning systems and what is the approximate age of the equipment?
  3. What is the estimated life expectancy of the appliances in the home such as the dishwasher and water heater?

Once the inspection is completed, a verbal briefing is given followed by a full written report, usually e-mailed that same day.

We provide inspections, home inspections, real estate inspections; either commercial or residential, for Marble Falls TX and all the Highland Lakes District. We are here to help you find out so you can make a good decision.