Type of Building Size Price
House or Condo 2,000 sq ft $345
House or Condo 2,000 to 2,500 sq ft $395
House or Condo 2,500 to 3,000 sq ft $445
House or Condo 3,500 to 4,000 sq ft $495
House or Condo each additional 500 sq ft $ +50

I highly recommend Mike for home inspections. He was punctual and very professional.

I was impressed on his efficiency. He told us about the positives.

He also explained the negatives in a simple way so we knew exactly what needed to be done and this helped us negotiate with the seller.

As first time owners on a budget it was very important to have someone we could trust and would inform us correctly so we wouldn’t have any unexpected surprises.

Thanks to Mike we have a safe and secure first home.

We are very happy that we used Mike and we are planning to use him again on future home purchases.

Karla and Chuck, Home owner

As a professional and full-time realtor, we must be very choosy on who we recommend to conduct our home inspections. Many a realtor will tell you it can be dangerous and precarious if you have an inspector who adds “drama” or unnecessary negativity after disclosing an issue with a home, major or minor.

It’s important to have an inspector you can trust not to “kill the deal” by scaring the buyer off. After consistently using Mike Howson for inspections, we’ve formed a workable and mutually-beneficial business relationship.

Mike “tells it like it is” and spares no details, but does it in such a way to be encouraging to the homebuyer and actually get them excited about how they can
tackle the issues and turn the home into their own happy abode! I would definitely recommend other realtors to try Mike for their home inspections and see for themselves what I’m talking about.

Linda Marcella Berg, Realtor Troop Real Estate, Inc.

Texas Real Estate Commission Certified.

Our goal is your safety, this is why our inspectors are Texas Real Estate Commission certified. TREC certified inspectors must first pass a rigorous competency test and accept a strict code of ethics and then continue their education upkeeping with the latest requirements and advances. We take your safety seriously.