Getting a home inspection from this particular Marble Falls building inspector can make a huge difference in your spring maintenance and cleaning. Mike has been acknowledged more than once for his unique talent in working with the home owner’s objectives in mind and helping to show the way to achieve them.

With the weather patterns shifting to springtime mode for the year, it’s a great time to look around your house and yard and envision what you would like to get done for a well-maintained and enhanced home. In fact, right in time with the weather saying “spring”, the official start of the season per the calendar is the 20th of March.

Possibly you are one of the few who face, tackle and complete your annual maintenance and enhancement issues efficiently. Perhaps you are so well organized that you have a list of all action items and projects to get done. Possibly you have even prioritized and budgeted for them. And you may even have taken it to the next level and worked out the value in your home which will be preserved or added to as a result of your efforts and funds.

Whether you are this ideal person who is so well organized and efficient or not, an inspection of your home can help you focus on the right priorities. It can assist you greatly in discovering and identifying things which need to be addressed. It can have multiple benefits from improving home safety or dollar values, to greatly reducing the possible surprises that may sneak up on you later. Maybe even most importantly, it can help you set up for easy living around your house.

On the point of raising your home’s value, this can manifest in various ways. The obvious first of the list is simply giving your home a higher appraisal value for selling or refinancing, as in, “your home is now worth $______ more because of your work on it.” There are other values to be had, such as the improvement of your image as a well-kept home in the neighborhood. Depending on your home’s future, your home may become a part of the legacy that you leave to your children and grandchildren.

If you are not necessarily looking to raise your real estate worth or gain some improved aesthetic in your home as we move into the spring season, you may yet go a long way in preventing costly damage by getting your home inspected and prioritizing against the results.

Whatever your related need, we are glad to help and have a strong history of working with you and your longer-term goals in mind when inspecting your home. You may be surprised at what will result. Contact Mike directly and see.