Let’s take a conceptual “walk” through a series of events that will culminate in two possible extremes regarding making a house you are looking into your home. We’ll start out simple. You want a home. Among the several houses you have looked at is one which is the closest to ideal that you have found so far, and in fact has many plusses – enough to light your fires of interest to a level which could be termed “strong” or even “blazing”.

This home has the car space you wished for. It has the important basics like number of bedrooms and baths you require. The yard is ideal for your purposes and while lending an opulent appearance to the front and back. It looks to be low maintenance, fitting perfectly with your busy schedule.

The home is a little bit older, and you are not sure where to start in terms of judging its age and that of its appliances, roof, plumbing system and so on. The asking price is within your budgeted range and you have reviewed all plusses and minuses for the house. It looks so good, and you feel good about it.

Now, here is where we split into two scenarios. Buying a home is a sizeable decision and, given that you plan it to be your primary residence for the next 10-20 years, there is a lot riding on your research, acquisition and transition into your new home.

So, in the first approach to finalizing your new home, you feel so good about it that you sign the deal, go through escrow and you get the home. Within 8 weeks of starting the ball rolling, you have moved in. Before the 10 week mark of residing in the home, the kitchen tap bursts and floods the area until you shut it off, get a plumber and get a new fixture. It turns out that the plumber finds that the home’s water pressure was so great that the entire pipe system has been over-pressurized for what looks like years, due to an incorrect installation at the point where the city water system enters your property. Looking further, it turns out that the whole plumbing system needs to be replaced. The water heater is old and breaks within this time frame and you are now facing a several thousand dollar plumbing renovation you were not aware of when you bought the home.

Second scenario: before purchasing the home, you got a Home Inspection Service from a reputable inspector who took the time to understand what you were truly wanting in a new home. Not only was he very thorough with the inspection, he did not add drama to what he found, but upon discovering the dilapidated pipe system, was able to provide the information in the context of how the home can be brought up to meet your needs without major, hidden expenses waiting after it was “too late”. You were able to negotiate a better price on the home, allowing you to take care of the plumbing and start your life in the new home off right.

This is the way Mike Howson approaches every home inspection in Marble Falls and all Highland Lakes District. He can be contacted with any questions and to get a free estimate.