Being a first time buyer of a home, I entered the process with a list the key steps to take without being really familiar with what they would consist of.  At the top of my list, though, was “Find a Home Inspection Service.”  I wanted to have a home inspector tell it to me like it is and to show confidence in telling me what was, and what “wasn’t” with the house without a long list of referrals to other “experts” that I would need to hire to inspect things he didn’t inspect.  And ideally my inspection could be done without having to tear walls down like a popular TV personality, Mike H., would do!  (Although I have to say I’m a fan of his shows.)

Mr. Howson was referred to me by a personal friend.  I called two couples whose houses he had done inspections on before purchase, and their description of the experience working with Mike was what I was looking for.

Mike came and was very professional.  I grew up around construction workers through my father’s work and I have to say that Mike is the most well-mannered man in this field I have met yet.  I was prepared with my list of observations I had made regarding the state of the home and I asked to go along with him while he was doing the inspection, a request he was very agreeable to.

What I thought was for sure in need of major repair was a simple fix and other things I didn’t even know existed in a house I got to learn about.  As we went through his checklist, I got to know more about the house, how it is built and what it’s made of.  At the end I fell in love again with the place.  I now know exactly what needs attention and the extent of repairs, and I have even it laid out by importance and priority.  I know what I’m buying so can better evaluate the amount being asked for the house, and in this case, I the place is worth it now, so I am confident in my purchase.

On things I had noticed to be “off” in the house but couldn’t figure out why, Mike took time to trace each back to the source of the problem and inform me of the solution.  When I went over the inspection results with my husband, I looked like a “man of the trade!”  I even knew the lingo and could answer his questions.  Needless to say, I was happy about that!

They say when you get a home inspector, get a contractor with years of experience, I can tell Mike is exactly that.