What if Santa Claus came to provide a home inspection service or he was a building inspector just for your property? You may not think of it as a usual part of your Christmas plans, but would such a thing stand out as an unusual gift? And how would he go about doing it?

For us pragmatic types, an inspection may be just the right thing at the right time. But what would be the “gift” if the inspection, when done well, will show up what needs to be fixed, repaired, replace or even show a reduced real estate value?

Let’s go back to Mr. Claus being the inspector and the gift idea as it relates. If he were doing it, how would it be a gift? What could possibly be beneficial and desired from a “giving” perspective? Let’s try simple and direct: if the inspection results in a realistic picture of what the possibilities are for the home or building, and it helps achieve confidence and security in whether to roll with a purchase, then it would be very good indeed. If the inspection is being done for general value maintenance of the real property, then it can give excellent guidance on what needs to be repaired or invested in and what may not need attention any time soon.

OK – let’s get that gift certificate and bring Santa in to inspect. As a building inspector, Santa can certainly tell the condition of a roof – he has spent enough time on them. This is a good thing since the roof is one of the most important aspects of maintaining the condition of the house or building and protecting it from the elements. For sure he would know about chimneys and brickwork, having squeezed through the gamut of them. But what about the water heater? The dishwasher? The gas fixtures and appliances? The HVAC system? The floors and walls, and so on? Are we sure Santa has trained and certified for the job?

Okay, okay – Santa has deputized Mike Howson to take care such needs for Marble Falls, Kingsland and nearby areas. How did Mike earn such an honor? Mike is among the very few, well qualified inspectors who is truly working for the future of his customer and never loses sight of that fact. Mike knows the importance of understanding needs and desires of those calling on him. He knows that an inspection is there to facilitate something very good for a family, a property owner or a business person. He does it right, does it to help and does it with style. His unique ability to be in touch with anyone engaging his services from start to finish allows him to provide what a customer is looking for. Aside from this truth-founded brag, he makes it more like a gift that you might think. Get in touch and see for yourself.