After the Storm – The Perfect Time for a House Inspection

We certainly had our challenges in the Santa Clarita Valley last weekend during one of the worst rain storms southern California has experienced in decades.  There is nothing like a good downpour to bring out physical flaws in a home. Spring, which is fast approaching, is one of the busiest times of years for people [...]

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Spotlight Spring Maintenance Priorities with a Home Inspection from a Qualified Building Inspector

Getting a home inspection from this particular Santa Clarita area building inspector can make a huge difference in your spring maintenance and cleaning.  Mike has been acknowledged more than once for his unique talent in working with the home owner's objectives in mind and helping to  show the way to achieve them. With the weather [...]

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A Brief Look at Home Inspections: The Electrical System

Howson Inspections continues to serve Valencia, Frazier Park, Santa Clarita and nearby areas, and we have recently expanded with a location in Newhall. In this series of articles, we have already devoted some attention to the roof, and now we will take up one of the most beneficial and important safety aspects of the home, [...]

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A Brief Look at Home Inspections: The Roof

We here at Howson Inspections service many areas including Valencia, Frazier Park and Santa Clarita. A Home Inspector is supposed to look for significant defects in the major systems of the house such as the roof, foundation, plumbing, electrical system, heating system as well as the structure itself. Cosmetic aspects of the house are not [...]

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Have a great deal in real estate properties with the expertise of home inspection services!

Once you have determined to purchase a home or real estate property, you must decide on a home inspection service in order to acquire information about the property. This service assists you in determining the actual structure and value of a home whether it’s a new home or already existing one. Nowadays, there are a [...]

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